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Fiber optic transceivers Appicaltion failure recovery

1. Power light does not light?

Power supply fault,or Transceivers not inserted.

2. Link lights are not indicated

Failure may be as follows:
(A) check whether the fiber lines circuit breakers
(B) check whether the fiber line loss is too great, over equipment reception range
(C) check whether the optical interfaces are connected properly, local TX and RX connections from afar, TX and RX connections of the local in the distance.

(D) check whether the optical fiber connector intact, insert a device interface, jumper type matches the device interfaces, device type matches the fiber, equipment transfer length matches the distance.

3. the circuit Link light does not light.

Failure may be as follows:
(A) check that the network cable is the circuit breaker
(B) check the connection matches the type: devices such as network cards and routers use a crossover cable,
Switches, hubs and other equipment using the straight line.

(C) check whether the equipment transfer rate matches.

4.  network packet loss:

Possible faults as follows:
(1) the transceiver's power port and the network device interface or device interface duplex mode does not match on both ends.
(2) RJ-45 head and twisted issues, testing

(3) the fibre connectivity issues, device interface jumper is alignment, pigtail coupler and jumper match the types, and so on.

5. fiber optic transceiver ends cannot link

(1) optical fiber connected backwards, TX and RX fiber swap
(2) RJ45 interface and the external device is not connected properly (note the passthrough and splicing)

Optical fiber interface (ceramic ferrule) do not match, this failure is mainly reflected in the 100M belt on optical transceivers for mutual control function, such as APC ferrule fiber received PC ferrule on the transceiver will not communicate correctly, but does not affect mutual control of non-optical transceiver.

6. Breaking loss

(1) may be the optical attenuation is too large, available optical power for optical power meters measure the receiving end, if in the vicinity of receiver sensitivity range, 1-2dB within the basic judgement of light path failures
(2) the switch faults may be connected to the transceiver, switch to PC switches, namely two transceivers and direct connection to the PC, PING at both ends, as does not appear broken when basic judgement as switch failures
(3) potential as transceiver failed, then the transceiver at both ends PC (via switches), ends after the PING is no problem, from one end to the other end to send a large file (100M) or more, watch it speed, such as slow speed (200M following file transfer for more than 15 minutes), basic judgment for the sending and receiving faults.
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